Een gedachte over “Lezing van Rananda over ‘redding’

  1. When the truest Love is recognized for what is really is, it will touch you so that you cannot remain the same.This kiss is so immensely true that from then on you want nothing more then this.
    If it is true, then it is True, and you know this entirely.
    This then, is the end of the world, and of you also.
    Real Dear Love has truly come in and it is so sure, that is not difficult to renounce whatever is not of this Truth.
    EVERYONE IS THE DEAREST. One may have forgotten it for a while. You know who they are and what everything is.
    In reality all is pure and endless love and you finally know that for good! All are the Beloved!
    In Truth everything will be forgotten. There is only deep gratefulness and this incredible urge to kiss and serve it as much as you can. All wanting can only be this, when Love has been discovered

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